Kitchen Remodel

Having your home remodeled and renovated timely protects you from experiencing unwanted incidents and a lot more costly repairs. At homes there are the two places which highly asks for renovation and if they are done up to the mark, these places make your house worthy.

Walking into your remodeled kitchen is a delight. For the joy to last for longer time, kitchen remodeling or renovation is necessary. Kitchen remodeling is very enticing. It can change the old fashioned kitchen into a show piece of your house depending upon your lifestyle and budget. it should be done in such a way that your kitchen is functional, comfortable and beautiful; all at the same time. It needs to be designed according to the triangle concept, which allows the cook to have an easy access to the refrigerator, stove and sink.
Bathroom Remodel

After kitchen remodel, bathroom remodels are the next which raises the value of your house. They are the most used rooms of your house. it makes your bathroom look good in appearance and will allow them to function properly. 8 by 3 inches glazed ceramic tiles make your bathroom look so fantastic so use them instead of the typical 4 by 4 inches one. Opt for visible and light floor tiles as they make your bathroom look more spacious than it actually is. Choose the faucets, shower, vanity and lighting according to your comfort and budget. Because comfort comes before latest trends.

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Thornton Home Improvement Inc is a General Contractor Expert & Home Improvement Specialist in Maryland. Remodeling & Renovation. Residential & Commercial. MHIC# 96736. Licensed & Insured. EPA Lead Certified. Member Of better Business Bureau & Angie's List.

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