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We have been in operation now for 15 years and from day one we have always provided the best customer care while carrying out projects from scratch to completion. We offer our clients a whole range of services, with our specialist areas being inside and outdoor renovations.  We provide Remodeling & Renovation Services, General Contractor Services, Property Management Services, Handyman Services, Garage Door Services, Emergency Services would like to elaborate on each one to give you a bigger picture.

Remodeling and renovation services

Our remodeling and renovation services include every room in your house including the kitchen and bathroom. We can also make your spare rooms, garages and extensions work for you. We will help you from beginning to end by listening to your wishes and letting you know what is structurally possible and what is not. We will always find a solution that will suit your needs. We are able to meet the needs of both home and commercial properties. We are able to custom design for your storage needs so that even the most unlikely of spaces can be transformed into something that you can actually use! If you need us to paint the inside or outside of your building we can do so professionally to save you the job, paint spillages and time off work.

General contractor services

General contractor services include the management of overseeing all the people under them who are working on your property which saves you the job of doing so.  Our contractors are also tradesmen who can complete a variety of tasks including building work, decorating, roofing and even door and window fitting including garages. Before the services can start the overseeing contractor will need to visit to understand fully what the project will entail and what is needed to complete it and will then be able to quote you on what the job is going to cost.

Property management services

The property management services we provide mean that the work undertaken whether by us or contractors will be overlooked by someone who has the ability to ascertain what is needed and instruct so that the job can be completed efficiently. They are in control of staying within budget and ensuring all staff are doing what they are supposed to be.

Handyman services

If you have jobs that need completing in or outside of your home that you are not able to do yourself due to time or inexperience we have fully qualified staff who are able to provide you with their handyman services. This can be anything from fitting shelving or new cupboards to bigger projects that require expertise for the best finished results.

Garage door services

We are able to provide garage door services to our customers. The garage door services include providing and fitting a new garage door to mending any problems that occur with the one already in situ.  Whether you keep your car or other items in your garage, you will want to keep the contents safe. Insurance doesn’t cover you for any items that are stolen from a garage that is not secured properly which is why it so important to ensure you call us to fix any problems that occur, especially if the garage leads through to your home.

Emergency services

If you need work completed in a hurry we provide emergency services to homeowners, landlords and businesses. We understand that some things just can’t wait till morning and are there when you need us most to complete emergency maintenance to your property. 


Thornton Home Improvement Inc is a General Contractor Expert & Home Improvement Specialist in Maryland. Remodeling & Renovation. Residential & Commercial. MHIC# 96736. Licensed & Insured. EPA Lead Certified. Member Of better Business Bureau & Angie's List.

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